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  • Aylin Arici

Whom are you for?

If you’re not for everyone, then whom are you for? Just as in life, where you chose friends & romantic partners wisely to make sure they are worth your energy, it should be the same in business. Especially soulpreneurs with a new paradigm business approach will not appeal to everyone, because if so many people were spiritually, mentally and emotionally ready and equipped, the world look very different. Demographic, age & profession is not what defines your client/ customer either, not entirely- it’s their emotional struggles, their pain points, their desires, dreams and longings and whether you can help them achieve that. Every person is always looking for some sort of transformation, no matter how big or small, no matter whether you offer a product, a service or an experience. So ask yourself: what transformation do you offer? How does your client/customer feel before they meet you? How do they feel after they’ve met you/ worked with you/ bought from you? You are for those who will be transformed by what you do!


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