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  • Aylin Arici

Plan your brand photos right

Most of the time a small brand or a personal brand don’t have the same budget to produce high end imagery than established brands

I totally get that. However, it’s important to still aim for

•high quality

•a cohesive look & feel

•a proper theme

•an emotional approach/ a storyline

What people tend to forget is that it’s not just about you and how you look but rather how the images make your audience, your clients, your customers feel and whether they tell a story.

Imagery creates an atmosphere that’s either welcoming and emotionally and aesthetically appealing or it’s just “nice” but it just doesn’t really connect with the audience.

Things to avoid:

•put blurry images on your website (whenever I see that, it feels less professional to me)

•use stock images (and if you have to, make sure it’s just very few and they match the overall look and feel)

•not having a theme for your shoot ( without a cohesive theme it looks random)

•don’t be a copy cat be original, think outside the box!

•don’t just go for “any” photographer. Pick one that suits your style, someone who “gets” you.

For more info, swipe through the mini guide

And if you have questions or an inquiry- we’re here


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