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A boutique brand building studio for female-led brands and creative entrepreneurs

We help creative entrepreneurs as well as conscious, female-led businesses to communicate their uniqueness and develop a strong visual language and authentic branding that builds deep and lasting connections with the ones it serves. 

We do this by applying a holistic, human-centered and highly personalized approach to branding that uses systemic coaching and a psychological standpoint at the heart of every service. This way we uncover a brand’s truth and set a strong, sustainable foundation for every brand we work with. Together, we develop a deeply rooted archetypical branding that touches people at their very core as it relates to human meaning and motivation.

We inspire clients to think different, to take new turns and tap into a more intuitive space where their imagination can come through. The unique blend of coaching, consulting and creative implementation unleashes an enormous creative potential. After our work you come away restored, with clarity, new energy and a stronger brand identity. We support you in building or elevating your brand and your unique style. The most important thing: We work from the inside out. Everything we do has an extremely personalised approach.


Our uniqueness? We are able to see yours and we are determined to help you communicate it with clarity, confidence and style.

Helen Woltering


Brand Strategist, Systemic Coach, Creative Directress, Consultant, Stylist - as a multi-passionate visionary she's not following a profession but a calling. Helen has worked in media and advertising for over 10 years with the last stop as Creative Directress at Refinery29, leading creative campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands such as Nike, Gucci and adidas to name a few. She's always walked an international path, studying and working in the Netherlands, the US and the UK. During her time at London College of Fashion, she came in touch with Coaching and the idea of being self-employed for the very first time - that was in 2014. It was like the missing piece she didn't even know she was looking for. All she knew was that climbing up the corporate ladder or obsessing over the latest trends didn't interest her very much. What did was the possibility of creating something meaningful, something of lasting value. She was interested in the art of creative self expression through fashion, the forming of identities and the cultural and psychological aspects of branding that move people deep down at their very core. A few years went by until she decided to become a certified Systemic Coach in 2019. As a values-driven person she was more and more fed up working in environments where feminism or diversity were often just profit-driven buzzwords with no deeper understanding or ambition to make real changes. Driven by the urge to create a more soulful space rooted in integrity, she decided to roll up her sleeves and do it herself - that's how Wild Women Studios was born in 2020. The worlds of coaching and branding are now unified in her services. 

2016-2020 - Creative Director at Refinery29 

2019 - Systemic-integrative Coach at Coaching Spirale

2020 - The Art of being a women seminar at Coaching Spirale

2015 - Coaching seminars at The Coaching Academy London

2014-2016 - Master of Arts with a focus on fashion & media at London College of Fashion

2012-2014 - International Editorial Manager at Bauer Media Publishing

2011 - Study abroad with focus on advertising at Michigan State University 

2009-2013 Bachelor of Business Administration, Stenden University, Netherlands

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Raluca Andreea Hartea


Andreea is one of the creative collaborators and founder of RAH Color Consulting, a colour consulting studio that prioritizes authenticity and authentic living, creating experience and narratives that improve people's personal connections with their surroundings through colour. Colour is a powerful medium that influences emotions, preferences and decision making. The color of a product subconsciously influences the buying decision by 84.7% in a positive or negative way. Andreea's background lies in art, architecture and psychology, thus she treats colour as a powerful medium to reflect and extend your essence as a human being, as as brand. Her fascination for the human being leads her to investigate the inner universe as a method for exploring the surrounding world. Trends don't touch our hearts, personal positive memories do and since colours are connected to these memories, they reach our hearts. Each branding process is elevated through a personalized colour consultation that is based on a memory analysis increasing your introspective ability and find colors that recall the feeling of beauty in yourself and your audience. 

Visual arts studies at NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Dynamic Hypnosis & Analogic Psychology at CID_CNV Institute Milano

Colour courses, seminars and pscholocial trainings at Max Lüscher 

The vision


The vision of Wild Women Studios is to guide women to re-connect with their essence and bring more feminine energy and female entrepreneurial spirit to a very masculine dominated (business) world. We want to encourage women to own their disruptive ideas, their unique voices and their big visions for a better, more equal and more diverse future, leading the way with integrity, intuition, empathy and true creativity.


But above all we want to recall the feeling of beauty within every human being and motivate them to make the world a more beautiful, soulful place - for themselves and everyone they touch. 

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To realize your dream, we work with outstanding freelance creatives such as designers, sound design agencies, photographers, brand voice specialists, to name a few. That way you are provided with excellence and surrounded by experts all the way through our project.


Website images via Lotte Thor

From Berlin with love.