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You and your brand have the power to stand out - I show you how.

Wild Women Studios has been designed to guide you and your brand to the essence of who you truly are and communicate your uniqueness with confidence, clarity and style.

Your presence
is your power

If you are here, you are most likely a visionary and a conscious human who has the unshakable ambition to make the world a better place. This is why the world needs your presence! Your story matters and it is your uniqueness that makes all the difference. Do you struggle to highlight and communicate your brand's essence? For some reason you don't manage to visualize and communicate the power that's inside of your brand? Let me help you strengthen your brand identity so you finally have the time and energy to focus on your core competencies and grow your business.

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  • Brand Identity blueprint

  • Brand strategy

  • Positioning

  • USP

  • Brand archetype definition

  • Brand communication

  • Customer avatar

  • Customer transformation

  • Brand storytelling 

Whom is it for?
Conscious brands and entrepreneurs who want to create a solid foundation and a strong communication consistently across channels.

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Concept +

  • Content & creative consulting

  • Concept creation based on your brand's story and theme

  • Creative direction on and off set

  • Social Media consulting

  • Photo shoot and/or image film

Whom is it for?
Fashion, beauty, lifestyle & boutique brands who want to elevate their visual identity through brand focused imagery, making it stand out from the rest.

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Image + Style

  • Profiling & positioning

  • Color consulting

  • Wardrobe check

  • Signature style definition

  • Styling based your profile and color palette

  • Business photo shoot including hair & make-up & studio space

Whom is it for?
Personal brands, female founders, public figures, leaders or brand directors who long for an aligned, sovereign style (as the face behind the brand).

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Brand Building

  • Can contain all services from previous packages +

  • Corporate identity design

  • Website design

  • Social media set up and consulting

  • Or a re-branding

Whom is this for?

Personal, lifestyle or boutique brands in their launch or re-branding phase who desire a strong brand identity and a unique online presence.

With a profound coaching background, a human-centered perspective and a holistic approach to branding, I help to unleash your and your brand's creative power and express who you truly are. 


The life coach your brand
would hire

As a Brand Consultant, Creative Director and Systemic Coach I will do so much more than working on your brand image. I will get to the root of your brand essence. I'll dive deeper into who you are, why you do what you do and how to express this through your branding. I am the life coach your brand would hire if it was a person. I work with new paradigm entrepreneurs who want to make real changes and express themselves in the most aligned and authentic way. 

"Helen managed to bring a modern freshness and a personal touch to my brand and my business. Thanks to her encouragement to go for a bolder branding, sales has increased and new brand collaborations have emerged without much effort.

Thank you so much, Helen!"

Alexandra Schneller
Founder Ohself.de

Let's co-create!

With a deep understanding of branding, people and a sharp eye for design, I work closely with you to uncover your brand's truth and develop a cohesive brand communication that strengthens your uniqueness in a crowded market. 

Crafting a strong brand communication

You are a channel and your words carry codes. Finding your unique voice and the right words isn't easy.  This free value proposition guide helps you to tell people who you are with clarity and confidence. 

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