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Brand Building Studio

You and your brand have the power to stand out - we show you how.

Wild Women Studios is a branding studio focusing on Soulful Branding with a passion to create empowering work that moves the needle for womankind. We guide conscious lifestyle brands and female entrepreneurs through their branding process, helping them find their unique voice and translating it into a strong brand presence. With a holistic approach of psychology, strategy and style we don't just create strong brand identities, but we empower the people behind the brands to fully step into their role as new paradigm leaders.

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Hi, I'm Helen

Founder of Wild Women Studios,  Brand Strategist, Creative Directress and Systemic Coach and I will do so much more than working on your brand image. I will get to the root of your brand essence. I'll dive deeper into who you are, why you do what you do and how to express this through your branding. If you want a powerful, irresistible brand you need to touch people on an emotional level.


I’ve combined my 10 years experience working in media and advertising, amongst others, as the Creative Director at Refinery29 leading campaigns for some of the world's biggest fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, with my certified systemic coaching background. Coaching gave me the ability to work on a much deeper, more profound level that I was missing in the corporate world.


With my passion for psychology, people and aesthetics, I now champion future-oriented and female-led brands with the goal to bring more power and prosperity to the hands of conscious humans.

Let's get your power out there!

Substance and Style
build the road to success

Your style is about purity of expression and requires you to overcome a very human tendency which is to imitate. Style has a direct relationship to the substance of a brand. Connecting these two is what makes you truly unique and magnetic. Style is about making people feel something, about radiating a tone of caring and a genuine intent of goodwill in your work and in the world. Our offerings have been carefully curated to honing in on your brand's essence and express it fully through your branding so that your presence can reach and empower others.


The Essence


This program is for the ones who seek deep clarity about who they truly are and wanting to create a brand around their zone of genius, their sweet spot. Together we dive to the bottom of your brand's DNA, building a solid foundation from which your distinctive positioning & unique style emerges.


The Expression


This program is for those wanting to bridge the gap between the brand's core and it's expression in the world. It uncovers your brand's true identity and translates it into soulful branding and a unique visual voice. Your uniqueness and your style allow your genius to reach others, to be seen differently and really make a difference where it matters.


Your presence is your power

Did you know that it takes people 4 seconds to decide whether they want to interact with your brand or not? And that 95% of buying decisions are made subconsciously? That's why your presence is so powerful. It hast the ability to inspire and initiate others into action. Do you struggle to communicate your uniqueness? To visualize the power that's inside? If you want to go from a service provider or product based brand to "a love brand" and a leader in your field you are in the right place. We help you strengthen your brand identity and your visual language so you have the time and energy to focus on your core competencies, increase sales, grow your business and connect with your audience on an emotional level where decisions are really made. 

Archetype Test

Brand Archetypes, rooted in a psychological concept by Carl Gustav Jung, can help you determine the essence and heartbeat of your brand. They infuse your brand with a clear message and a unique charm. The quiz helps you discover your business’ personality and tap into the unconscious mind and the desires and dreams of your audience to unlock your full potential and build strong connections and a soulful brand.


Let's co-create!


Website images via Lotte Thor

and Jessica Sidenros

From Berlin with love.



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