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Brand Building +

I know you are on a very exciting path of building or re-building your own brand. I know you have a big mission to accomplish, multiple passions and talents to share with the world. Let's create a branding so strong and soulful it has the power to transform lives. If you feel a little overwhelmed and don't know where to start, I got you! Everything I do has a bespoke approach and is 100% customised to your needs. Together we will unleash your brand's true power and help you to achieve the authenticity and aesthetic you're longing for.

What you get:

  • Full Brand Identity Creation - visual identity/ corporate identity

  • Coaching, creative consulting and art direction throughout the entire process

  • Positioning - USP, mission, vision, brand values, in-depth customer avatars, elevator pitch, slogan

  • Consulting for brand communication and copy writing

  • Professional color consulting in collaboration with a color consulting studio in Milan

  • Style consultation & actual styling

  • Photo and/or video shoot

  • Website design

  • Marketing material (invoice template, business cards) 

    -> The entire process can take up to 3 months.

Consulting + Coaching

A strong brand needs a strong foundation. How your brand is perceived has a lot to do with the foundation you have set. This package is like life coaching, but for your brand. It combines brand and creative consulting with a focus on your unique positioning. We will dig deep into your brand's archetype, your vision and values. Together we will extract the essence of your brand and find ways on how to translate this into powerfully aligned branding. It is about finding your uniqueness, so you can communicate much stronger and stand out from all the noise out there.


You will get:

  • Depending on our connection call, a customized package and number of sessions which are 90-120 minutes each

  • Preparation exercises & kick-off call

  • Brand & website audit

  • Brand strategy 

  • Brand archetype definition

  • USP/ sweet spot refinement

  • Value proposition

  • Brand communication + copywriting support

  • Customer transformation + customer journey

  • Application to your current branding

  • Social media audit and editorial content pillars

  • personalized brand guide to keep on track and to brief and onboard all new freelancers or team members

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Creative Direction + Brand Shoot

Let me speak in visuals! The art of storytelling through your visuals is powerful. Maybe you need a new image film or new brand imagery because your current visuals don't feel aligned anymore? Or you need some customized branded content to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level? A strong campaign that has the power to make waves? You're in the right place.

You will get:

  • Creative consulting

  • A thought-through creative concept 

  • Creative direction throughout the entire process of pre-production, production, post-production

  • Booking of crew

  • Location & model scouting 

  • Photo and/ or video production/ customized branded content

Image Consulting, 
Personal Styling + Photo Shoot

No matter if you are a woman in a leadership position, a CEO or the founder and face behind your brand, your presence has power. Do you feel like there's a new version of yourself wanting to come through? As soon as something changes on the inside, most women feel the urge to express this on the outside, to create harmony. If you're one of the people who "doesn't like themselves in pictures" or if you feel like you've outgrown the images you have of yourself, we got you! We will guide you on this very intimate, transformative signature style journey, according to your pace and we work our way from the inside out and let the new version of you step to the forefront.


You will get:

  • More self-confidence to show up for who you truly are

  • A sustainable signature style that represents YOU 

  • A professional color consulting in collaboration with a color consulting studio in Milan based on neuroscience, hypnosis using your intuition

  • Authentic, editorial-like imagery that represents the nature of who you are

  • A treat to yourself by gifting you a special day in a professional photo studio or your own home

  • A professional hair & make-up artist making your look like your healthiest self

  • Guidance all the way through from the coaching, the Pre-production, production & post-production of your shooting

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From Berlin with love.