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A strong brand needs a strong foundation. How your brand is perceived has a lot to do with the foundation you have set. This package is like life coaching, but for your brand. It combines brand and creative consulting with a focus on your unique positioning. We will dig deep into your brand's archetype, your vision and values. Together we will extract the essence of your brand and find ways on how to translate this into powerful brand communication and creative concepts. It is about honing in on your Zone of Genius and your uniqueness, so you can communicate much stronger and stand out from all the noise out there. 

More than this is about your product or service, it's really about you, your frequency and how you embody the message of your brand.

This is for personal brands, start-ups as well as for established brands who need or want to change direction and gain more clarity, focus and direction in their branding and communication.

+ Add-on for Personal Brands: 

Image Consulting & Personal Styling


The Expression


​We know you are on a very exciting path of building or re-building your own brand. Maybe you have grown and it's time for your branding to catch up on that and take it to the next level. If you feel a little overwhelmed and don't know where to start, we got you! Everything we do has a bespoke approach and is 100% customised to your needs. Together we will unleash your brand's true power and help you to achieve the professional appearance, the authenticity and aesthetic you're longing for.

What we do on this intimate journey:

  • Brand strategy workshop where we dive deep to the essence of your brand and get crystal clear on who you are, what makes you unique and what your core messages are

  • Brand Identity Creation - no, not just a logo, a whole-hearted, thought-through identity including a colour concept, word mark or logo design, set of icons, typography concept as well as a design & style guide

  • Creative Direction throughout the entire process

  • Guided support with your copywriting

  • Website structure & set-up support

  • Implementation of your CI across your social channels including social media templates

  • Personalised Brand Guide that contains all the results from our branding process and serves as your leading document for all future decisions and creations.

+ Add-on: Professional brand photo shooting & development of visual language



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