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  • Aylin Arici

Who does she think she is?

I was once afraid of people saying '' Who does she think she is?'' Now I have the courage to stand and say ''This is who I am!'' - Oprah Winfrey

Actually this quote by oprah doesn’t need any further explanation but I’d love to back it with a personal story and a great conversation I had today with multi passionate creative.

For years I didn’t make the big move to step up as an entrepreneur because I had this thought „who does she think she is“ nagging at the back of my mind. Voices from others criticising me in my head.

Over the years not stepping into my full potential became way more painful than dealing with other peoples opinion.

It took me a lot of inner work to free myself from other peoples voices and get so strong internally that they wouldn’t get to me anymore, at least not to an extend that the fear of being judged would stop me pursuing my path.

I observe this with many of my clients, too „who does she think she is?“ a very real feeling fear numbing our minds and bodies.

Truly knowing myself has been a long journey and it’ll never really end until my body leaves this earth. And this constant self discovery and de-conditioning is beautiful .

Knowing who you truly are as a person, as an entrepreneur, a brand gives you security and strength to show up fully.

Do not create a watered down version of yourself just because others cannot handle the full you.

Knowing who you are and who you’re not is powerful. It moves mountains, it moves people and entire systems.

What about you my dear? Ever had the fear of „who does she think she is?“ stop you?

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