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The healing power of flowers

"Can we talk in flowers? It's easier for me to understand." that quote by Nayyirah Waheed caught my attention on Maggie's Website. After interviewing her and having a lovely conversation I understood the deeper and holistic meaning of that quote.

Maggie Folasade Coker is a Holistic Mental Wellness Coach, Aromatherapist, Floral Stylist and Creative Mentor. She is the founder of FlowerTalk Berlin where she combines creativity and conversation to offer a safe space for people to enjoy the healing benefits of flowers, human interaction and being deeply present.

This interview is full of creative advice and nuggets of wisdom if you are looking for guidance on your creative journey. We talk about: * Why flowers have the power to transform people's emotional state

* How flowers and conversation can bring out our playful, creative side

* How our childhood interests are signposts for navigating our creative career

* How following your bliss is the indicator for your next move

* Ancient wisdom that got lost, but that we still carry within our bodies

* The importance of having hobbies that nurture our creativity

* How we can prioritize our many, many creative ideas

* Maggie's own story that is deeply inspiring to reflect one's own creative journey

* How our creative talent can contribute to the wider community


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