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Personalise your brand through color

Color is one of the most powerful mediums to personalize your brand. In a world of #massmarketing, personalization is what sets you apart. It’s what truly, authentically and long-lastingly connects you with those whom you serve.

Colours enhance connection - with yourself, your environment and your target audience. Have you ever wondered why you feel attracted to certain colors over and over again? Every person has a so called “chromatic identity“ which is based on the colors that you have recorded as “beautiful“ throughout your lifetime.

Working with Andrea Hartea, professional color consultant and founder of RAH Color Consulting has given myself, my brand and multiple brands I’ve worked with an extremely personalized and powerful approach to branding.

Andreea has developed a color test based on neuroscience and hypnosis. This test has the power to filter the colors that are connected to your most beautiful memories where you experienced positive emotions such as joy, pleasure, love and other uplifting feelings. In each color of your palette important aspects of your life experience are hidden, which makes it so utterly unique. You see this in the different color palettes of each client.Whether you’re a personal brand or a big lifestyle, fashion or beauty brand, this personalized approach works.

If you are a personal brand you can use the color palette for your branding, your personal style/wardrobe and for your (office) interior to reflect and extend the essence of who you are.

If you are a corporate brand or a lifestyle, fashion or beauty brand the test can work as follows: you can draw samples from your target audience and have 7-77 people doing the color test along with the founder, co-founder or director of the brand. The more samples you draw, you can see where colors are overlapping and which colors are saved and seen as "beautiful" amongst your target group and you can create items and products based on these colors. The idea is to really connect emotionally with the ones you serve. It makes people feel seen, heard and understood -and in a mass marketing jungle full of unhealthy consumerism, this is what humans really long for - it's all about connection - with the self and others.

Are you ready to connect?


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