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  • Aylin Arici

Great style & comfort

Great style & comfort- does that work?

Over the past…I’d say 3-4 years… I’ve become more relaxed with my style. Wearing more trainers, more high quality fabrics, high quality shoes, more floaty and loose clothes, although I already always loved floaty dresses, kimonos etc…

Putting myself in a tight jeans for 8 hours? Wouldn’t do that anymore. It feels like crossing a boundary and not listening to my bodie’s needs. If I go out for dinner, I make sure to wear something that allows me to truly eat without feeling bloated and trying to hide it in a tight skirt or so. It kills the experience.

I have always owned very little clothes (although no one ever believed me) but I was good at a) choosing well and b) good at finding different combos with the same pieces of clothes.

As I got more conscious and confident, so got my style. I love a combination of va va voom as @violette_fr would call it and more laid back yet sophisticated and chic pieces.

A part of my full service Personal Branding is colour & style consulting as well as a customised brand photo shoot.

As you evolve on your entrepreneurial journey or your career in general and become more and more YOU, many women feel the urge to reflect this in their wardrobe and their images as well. The inner transformation is not enough anymore and there’s a need to alchemise it into a tangible form.

(Personal) Brandind goes beyond logo, website and design, it’s about how you answer the phone, how you dress, how you approach people, how you express yourself beyond work, how you step into your power and advocate for what matters to you. It’s all about how you show up in the world!

If you need guidance, new brand imagery that brings out a more aligned and authentic version of you, get in touch via our website/ link in bio

What does great style mean to you? 🤍


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