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Free guided visualisation/EN

Our lives are filled with time pressure and the pressure to perform. In this unnatural state it is hard to navigate towards clarity and truth because we cannot really feel ourselves anymore. We are overwhelmed with options, numbed and unable to pick one because nothing ever feels right. I prepared a guided visualitaion and meditation exercise for you that helps you to feel into your future rather than overthinking your way into it. Don't worry that you are lost, you are simply looking in the wrong places. Let me remind you of your feminine power of vision and foresight; of feeling and sensing and birthing new visions into life. Now, set aside 30 minutes of your time, make sure you are not being disturbed, light a candle and find yourself a quiet and comfortable position and let yourself be carried away into a place that only your soul and subconscious know.


After the guided meditation exercise, if you want, get yourself a pen and paper and journal on the following questions:

Which personal goals do you pursue with your work? Emotionally? Ideationally? Materially?

Which feelings do you long for?

What is different once you have what you desire?

What do you want to create/build in this lifetime?

What do you want to be known for?

What or who changes through your work?

Next to economic aspects, why is worth doing what you are doing?


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