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  • Aylin Arici

Being ''too- much''

Celebrate your too-muchness!

1) Too-muchness

I can’t even count how many times I have been given that label. Too deep, too sensual, too spiritual, too irrational, too honest, too sexual, too radiant, too overdressed, too demanding, too scrutinizing, too emotional, too “out there“, too sensitive, too colorful, too bubbly, too friendly, too much from the heart, too heavy, too curious, too calm, too much in the center of attention - simply too much.

2) Limiting beliefs

A belief the has formed around other people not being able to handle my “too-muchness“ when I was actually in my power (I am a Manifestor- for the ones who are into #humandesign ) has led me to believe that “something must be wrong with me, the way I am“. It took me a lot of coaching & healing work to reframe this belief for myself (& still working on it…)

3) Too-muchness = super power

If this resonates with you - your “too-muchness“ is your superpower and it’s not to be compromised for no one! If you are an entrepreneur with a big vision, I beg you to be as much as you can! Because the people meant for you, will celebrate your too-muchness, they come to you because of it. It’s literally helping no one if you dim your light for the ones who cannot stand to see you shine.

4) Your radiance is a trigger

You are triggering an aspect within others that they don’t allow to rise to the surface. But it has nothing to do with you. Your too-muchness is needed in this world, we need the feelers, the healers, the ones who absolutely dare being themselves even if this means being uncomfortable for others. That’s okay!

5) Reframe

—> If you can identify with the “too-muchness“ - I want you to pick 3 things that you’re still hiding/ not fully showing as an entrepreneur because it might be “too much“ - write them down and reframe this for yourself by brainstorming all the amazing qualities that come from it and how you can help other people with your too-muchness.Leave a 🤍 in the comments if you’ve been labelled too much.


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