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  • Aylin Arici

Attract more do less

Did you know that you can attract more by doing less?

When you are inspired, you are in spirit you take action from a place of passion and love for what you’re doing.

But you don’t just take any action, you take ALIGNED action. Aligned action means that your thoughts, your body, your spirit, all of them are saying „yesss“ let’s do this and you feel a feeling of flow and ease while creating.

When I am in that state, I can do more in an hour than others could do in a day. I am in my zone of genius and work gets done very quickly.

I often observe that many clients listen way too much to what they „should do“ to get the results they want. E.g. automated linked in outreach getting you „many“ leads, posting stories every day, because the algorithm you know… or email marketing because, you know, we might all lose our social media accounts at some point and email is a proven technique that works right?

Right! It might work for some, even for many, but maybe this approach doesn’t work for you! Maybe not now.

If anything feels off to you, it’s because it is. It’s not to be confused with taking steps outside of your comfort zone, that can be very good indeed, but if you’ve been trying something for weeks, months even and you still don’t feel aligned, then leave it (for now).

People can sense your energy behind your marketing. I remember when I had a newsletter at the beginning because I thought I had to do it. Sitting there trying to come up with something for an email nurture sequence was so hard for me and it took me hours to write that stupid mail. I still kept pushing myself. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough…

Nope! I was. It just didn’t feel aligned at all. All I wanted to do is to post here on Instagram, talk in my stories, show exciting things that I am working on. Simple. Quick.

When left the emails and focused on what I enjoyed more, there it was - my magnetic energy, I had 4 connection calls the week after.

Does that mean I will never do email marketing? Not at all! But it needs to feel aligned, it needs to make sense and it needs to be a medium that suits my energy type.

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