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  • Aylin Arici

7 Steps to gain clarity

A spiritual perspective on decision making

Every time I’m at a crossroad and don’t know which way to turn to, I mentally beam myself to a far away place. I imagine the women who lived before me, ancestors from my blood line but also non related ones and them: what would you do?

I ask for guidance through meditation and make some space to let my intuition come through.

Many of my clients look for clarity and the way clarity can come through is if we make space. If we stop. Pause. Take a breath.

Here a 7 non performance driven steps that can help you gain clarity:

1.Make space for clarity- pause what you do altogether to invite clarity in. Set 1 hour or two hours or a day aside for that.

2.meditate, go for a walk, change the location you’re in- either physically or mentally.

3.Ask the universe for guidance. Ask for a sign to show up. (Recommend @gabbybernstein video on asking for a sign)

4.don’t talk about your “problem“, just listen to your impulses, let images or words, or feelings or colors come to you without analysing. They don’t need to make sense.

5.Journal around what came up in your meditation or during your walk, journal about your “dilemma“, write it all out on a piece of paper, not on your laptop.

6.set an intention to let it go. Throw the piece of paper away and go back to your daily routine.

7.cultivate trust & patience. You’ve asked, so you will receive an answer. It might not show up right away and not in the way you expect it, but it will show up.

How do you go about important decisions? 🤍


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