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In branding there are a lot of buzzwords being thrown at you by brands who don't really grasp the depth of their meaning: a fast fashion brand selling a 15€ shirt under female empowerment messages, enslaving those women who produced this shirt; influencers putting the term female empowerment in their Instagram bio as if it was a category just like fashion, beauty or lifestye and thus taking away it's political meaning/depth and sending the wrong signal to young females who follow. I am all about say it like you actually mean it. To avoid buzzword bullshit, I will explain you my definition of some of the prevalent words I use.

female empowerment
feminine energy revolution

I truly believe that all women are already strong. We don't need to be empowered. We need to change the way the world perceives that strength. Our strength is deeply rooted in creativity, compassion, intuition and foresight. We need to make space for the feminine energy to rise, that energy is, amongst others, made up of the attributes mentioned above and it lives in every human being regardless of their gender. It is a power that creates, sustains and evolves our world. Because it's the source that bears life, it is considered feminine.


You know beauty when you encounter it because it makes you feel something: a sunset, a painting, a song. The beauty in your branding lies in the emotions it evokes, in the power of your vision, in the truth of your words, in the harmony of your colours,  fonts and images. It's the depth of your foundation translated in authentic and aesthetically pleasing content and design.


Being conscious to me means that what you do or don't do will have consequences - for yourself, other people, the earth. With a high level of consciousness we are able to honestly reflect our behaviour, act in integrity and make good choices for all parties involved. Conscious brands do that.


To me empathy is rooted in the ability and willingness to feel into the other person, being able to put yourself in their shoes and understand and relate to their emotions, their thoughts, their pain. In branding we need to have a human-centered approach and show that we see, hear and understand the struggles and the desires of our clients and customers.


To be capable to see the potential for how the world should exist and taking active steps to get there.


Although I have strategies and processes in place, I am guided by my intuition. I go about it with an open mind and I have the ability to feel energetic shifts and sense what's needed in each particular moment. I don't let my work or my client's work be dictated by trends.


As automatisation, algorithms and artificial intelligence become more prevalent, it is important to realise that even more value must be placed on human qualities that cannot be automated, especially if you want to differentiate your brand.  The best brands evoke the most positive inner responses. These brands thrive on the basis of the stories they tell and the feelings they evoke. Especially in times of adversity, a strong brand identity is key and makes your brand more resilient.


An homage to the book "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. She defines the archetype of a wild woman as someone who's intuition is intact, who's creative soul life is nourished, who stands up for herself, who is true to herself. There's a direct correlation of the devaluation of women and the devaluation of mother earth. By nourishing the archetype of the wild woman within us, we restore balance all around.


Being artistic in the doing and in the way you think with the ability to take on different perspectives. True creativity needs space and it needs to be in environments that are unbiased and open to the results. It is about imagination that exceeds reality.


I am firm believer that everything is intertwined and connected. Holistic to me means considering the larger context, that's also where my systemic coaching comes in. I see you and your brand as individuals, but also as part of a larger system. I look at your branding from every angle which creates complexity, depth and an unshakable level of quality. 


It is the representation of your true nature and your true beliefs. It's when your inner and outer world are congruent.


Website images via Lotte Thor

From Berlin with love.



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